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Firmware update instructions.

To upgrade the Omega PS4  game pad, you will need 4 hands, so please ask somebody to assist you.
After downloading the app from (http://support.platinet.pl/gamepads/ogpps4/) , please unzip it somewhere on your PC.

  1. Please run the updater app
  2. Please make sure that you select BT option first
  3. Press D-pad Down and triangle buttons together and hold these buttons (keep pressing them till the firmware is updated).
  4. Connect controller to PC with  a good quality cable (included in the kit). Please wait till the device is properly discovered and recognized by your PC
  5. Please press and hold the reset button with a pin (below the game pad) – you will need an extra pair of hands to do this action.
  6. Keep pressing these 3 buttons while the update is being accomplished (you will see the progress on your screen).
  7. Once the update is implemented successfully, the device works normally again.

On some Win10 PC computer, there is a problem with running properly the update software, so if there is any issue, please run it as administrator of your computer.